International Conference on Food Economies in Pre-Modern Europe

Virtual communication

Until 6th September

For your virtual presentation, you will have to prepare a recorded presentation. The PowerPoint must be in English, but narration can be in the language of your choice. Maximum length must not exceed 20 slides or 20 minutes of exposure. You will receive detailed instructions to upload your presentation later on. Recorded presentation should be uploaded before 6th September.

Deadline to register for participant giving a presentation is 31st August.


Live-streaming debates

17th-18th September

Participants will be invited to discuss presentations during live-streaming debate organised throughout both days of the conference. The program for live-streaming debates should be published by the end of July.


Post-conference debates

19th-27th September

A post-conference blog will be opened to follow up with the debate after live-streaming conference.


Active participation during live-streaming debate period will be needed for certification of participation. Details instructions will be given closer to conference celebration.