Call for papers

International Conference on Food Economies in Pre-Modern Europe

Two types of submission, with free choice of subject, will be accepted:

  • Individual submissions.
  • Submissions for “panel” sessions on a given theme.

Submissions will be reviewed and selected by academic committee.

Sessions will last 90 minutes in all. They should comprise a chair and two papers of 30 minutes each in length or three papers of 20 minutes.

Papers may be presented in English, Spanish, Catalan, French or Italian.

Chairs will not be permitted to read a paper in a session they moderate.

The deadline for sending submissions is 31st May.

Acceptances will be sent as soon as possible (Until 15th June)


Conference Secretariat:
Fundació Universitat de Lleida
Campus Cappont 25001 Lleida
+34 973 00 35 57


Centre de Cultures i Cooperació Transfronterera
University of Lleida
C. de Jaume II, 67 25001 Lleida